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The gorgeous MILF Shannon Kelly always was a good housewife, but after a few years her hunger started to grow even bigger. That is why, when her hudband wasn’t at home, she invited her neighbours over to try something really new. She never had sex with two black guys at once. Now, here is her big chance to try out what she can do when invaded by two dicks at the same time. She loves to eat sandwiches and now she tries how good is to be the filling between two black Studs.

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Some women change as they are getting older, but not Cala Craves. Because she is busty and beautiful like in old times, and her hunger for cocks is great as it was. She can’t get enough of them, and for that this sexy cougar asked two of her black friends to make her dream true, and do a nice threesome in which she can take two dicks at the same time. After this kinky babe sucked the sticks hard, the real hardcore action could be started, and soon the two cocks were in her bottom holes to make a sandwich.

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